Radius Beam Blade

Radius Beam Blade

MICHELIN Radius Beam Blade with highlighted features
  • 1 Multi-connector-system

    New hook connection with Aerodynamic style. Hook with u-adaptor pre-installed. One look, easy-to-fit, optimum coverage.

  • 2 One Metallic Spline

    Curved metal spline for optimized contact and best wiping performance.

  • 3 Aerodynamic End Clip

    Reduces drag on windshield, delivering a smooth, quiet wipe.

  • 4 One Metallic Spline

    Curved metal spline for optimized contact and best wiping performance.


    Propietary rubber coating for optimium wipe efficiency and improved durability in severe weather conditions.

Selling more wiper blades

Staff smiling, ready to help a customer

Step 1 Start conversation with your customer. Show interest in their safety.

  • When was the last time you changed your wiper blades?
  • Did you hear any squeaking?
  • Was the wiping smooth or were there streaks?
  • How well did your wiper blades perform last time it rained?
Pouring screenwash into a car

Step 2 Perform inspection on wiper blades

  • Your staff should perform inspection on every vehicle.
  • Wipers should be inspected every 6 months.
  • When you are checking the fluid reservoir for screenwash, this is the perfect time to test the wipers for wear.
  • Do not forget to test the rear blades.
  • Refer to the 4 signs of wear.

Have you noticed any of these?

  • Streaking

  • Chattering

  • Smearing

  • Squeaking

Staff checking a wiper blade for imperfections

Step 3 Communicate with your customer

  • Show your customer any imperfections.
  • Recommend changing wiper blades.
  • Let them know you’ll handle installation and it only takes a few minutes.
Customers talking to staff in a showroom

Step 4 Upselling with your customer

  • When was the last time you changed your rear wiper?
  • Explain to customer, rear wiper blades are often forgotten about but it’s important to replace them at the same time the front wipers are replaced.
  • MICHELIN offers OE technology rear wiper blades and they are direct fit.

MICHELIN Radius Beam Blades have many advantages

Experience precision engineering and advanced blade design for better performance and uncompromising durability.

The MICHELIN Radius Beam Blade provides cutting edge frameless blade performance meeting the same quality standards as the original wipers fitted the day your car left the factory.

The difference is clear

  • Original Equipment Technology

  • Easy Fit

  • High Durability

Radius Beam Blade

Rigorous Product Part Approval Process, (PPAP) testing

MICHELIN quality standards require 10-month approval process to get PPAP approval including:

Plant audits, Regulatory specification testing & 8/10 wipe testing score for initial wipe.

Quality & performance results

MICHELIN Radius Beam Blade outperforms competitors, passing all tests.

Quality & performance results table

MICHELIN Radius Beam For Mercedes-Benz
Direct fit for Mercedes-Benz

Close up of the Mercedes Beam Blade Direct Fit

Direct fit

All the benefits of the MICHELIN Radius Beam Blade, designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz.

Get the OE Mercedes-Benz look, Direct Fit for quick installation and TI-TECH COATING™ that withstands severe weather conditions.


Perfect Fit for the following Mercedes Models

  • A Class
  • E Class
  • GLA
  • B Class
  • S Class
  • GLC models
  • C Class

Test your knowledge

Answer the following multiple-choice questions and receive an official MICHELIN Wiper Blade Expert certificate from Qualitor Automotive.

Question 1 of 6 How often should wiper blades be inspected?

Incorrect, try again

  • Every Month
  • Every 6 Months
  • Every Year
  • Every 2 Years

Question 2 of 6 Which is a sign of wiper blade wear?

Incorrect, try again

  • Streaking
  • Chattering
  • Smearing
  • Squeaking
  • All of the above

Question 3 of 6 What is the name of the MICHELIN Radius Beam Blade proprietary rubber coating?

Incorrect, try again

  • M Rubber
  • Super Rubber
  • XT Coating

Question 4 of 6 MICHELIN Radius Beam Blades have a direct fit program for which vehicle brand?

Incorrect, try again

  • Jaguar
  • BMW
  • Volvo
  • Mercedes-Benz

Question 5 of 6 Which connector is compatible with the Lift & Slide wiper arm?

Incorrect, try again

  • A connector
  • B connector
  • C connector
  • E connector

Question 6 of 6 True or False... for additional sales, Michelin offers a line of rear wiper blades

Incorrect, try again

  • True, Michelin has a line of OE quality, direct fit rear wiper blades
  • False, Michelin does not sell rear wiper blades


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